Child care educator educating young child in child care classroom at Premier Early Learning Moruya

Our People

The homely atmosphere of Milestones Early Learning Moruya is enhanced by the warm and welcoming attitudes of our educators. We consider it an absolute privilege to play such a huge role in the children’s lives and take this responsibility very seriously. Each of our educators are highly qualified and each bring with them a wealth of knowledge in child care, nutrition, sustainability and diversity. Our Centre Manager is wholeheartedly dedicated to the centre and has been with us for over 30 years.

Meet Our Centre Manager

Name: Diona Driver

Years in childcare: I have worked 35 years in childcare and have worked 30 years at this service

Qualifications: Diploma in children’s service

What makes you passionate about working in childcare? I have dedicated 25 years to early childhood education and care at this particular centre. It is a special, important and rewarding job. I am not only passionate about providing a welcoming, inclusive and fun environment but also supporting my educators as well as all the families that are part of our premier family.

What is the funniest or most memorable moment you can share from working in childcare?
Every day presents fun and laughter. I believe its important for children and educators to share their sense of humour and laugh every day

Why do you believe your centre is an excellent choice for parents seeking the best childcare?
We have a low turn over of educators and all educators value the importance of personal and professional development. Many of our educators have continued with studying while employed at our centre in order to extend on their ability to nurture as well as learn alongside our children.

Meet our Assistant Centre Manager

Meet our Assistant Centre Manager

Name: Nicole Compton

Years in child care: 18 years

Qualifications: Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood)

What makes you passionate about early childhood Education? I have been working in early childhood most of my adult life and like the children in our care, grown, developed and engaged in lifelong learning along the way. I began with a certificate 3 in children’s services and went on to complete my Diploma and then Bachelor of Education while working full-time as a room leader. I see my role as an early childhood teacher a privilege and rewarding opportunity to embark on a journey, as well as inculcate a love of lifelong learning. Early Childhood Education is an ever growing and developing industry that requires continued professional development and change in order to stay informed and provide quality care and education. I am passionate about learning alongside children and implementing what I have learned as a teacher, educational leader and assistant centre manager. It’s the acquisition of new information that keeps me zealous in my role and industry. I value the role that I play as not only an educator, but also a role model to each and every child in my care and the partnerships with families that are required in order to do so. Early childhood education is a valuable opportunity for children to learn, grow and have fun in a supportive, responsive and social context.No day is the same, no situation is the same, but every day involves a lot of fun, versatility, friendship and learning. 

How would you apply the national quality standards and EYLF for educational programming and what makes your centre different from others? I am proud to be an Educator and educational leader at our centre. I have been a part of many changes, improvements and most importantly children, families and other educators lives, bringing us to where we are today. Our educators are qualified and engage in professional learning through the support of our management team, as well as each other in order to continue to inform practice, gain further qualifications and like our children, continue to learn and develop skills, knowledge and ideas. Our centre values the input and engagement of all our families, educators and stakeholders, contributing to our centre philosophy, quality improvement planning, reconciliation action planning and educational programs in order to provide an inclusive and collaborative learning environment, that values the quality that can come with change and sharing perspectives. Our centre provides online programming through storypark, allowing families to take part in their child’s day, development and interests, which in turn supports educators in planning and implementing responsive, as well as intentional leaning opportunities. We value the image of the child, a holistic approach and the value of play based learning. We provide a nursery, toddler and preschool learning environment that implement our lifelong learning curriculum, integrating the outcomes of the early years learning framework, designed for the different age groups, which include a school readiness program. Our school readiness program is run by two University trained and accredited early childhood teachers and includes reading eggs and math seeds subscriptions, as well as end of year transition to school statements available to the school of your choice and in turn supporting children in their next learning adventure. Our educational programs also reflect and healthy children outcomes, munch and move, the be you program, our garden club program and the kindness curriculum, supporting children across the lifelong learning outcomes including foundational learning, social connectivity, emotional confidence and physical health and wellbeing. Our garden club program is run by our very passionate centre manager and gardener, planning opportunities for children to design, construct and maintain our outdoor learning environment, which includes caring for all our pets. If you haven’t heard of our centre or come to visit, it might be time, as well would love you to join our learning community and look forward to taking part in the beginning stage of your child’s lifelong learning journey.